• 5-Day Training Course

Leadership, Communications & Interpersonal Skills

The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership

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31 Oct - 04 Nov 2022

Dubai - UAE


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12 Dec - 16 Dec 2022

London - UK


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Course Introduction

All systems try to expand, improve and get further. This is a natural principle of life. In this Leadership, Communications & Interpersonal Skills training course, we will be working on the personalities, nature, and potential of the leader, on how this role can affect the culture of an organisation both for good or bad, and how the leader can influence to build up better relationships, more agile work-processes and higher motivated teams. To do so, we will be working on the human and professional qualities of the leader, such as focus, confidence, self-reliance, authenticity, credibility, authority, assertiveness, firmness, empathy, listening capability, values, and many others. Mainly we will be focusing on our communication. Why? The art of communication is the language of leadership. Leadership and communication go hand in hand. How we communicate shows where the leader is, what he already has and what he still lacks. It allows us to see ourselves on a map of competencies to improve. Therefore, in this training course, we will define a frame that neither a leader nor a good speaker can lack. Furthermore, we will see how these items are expressed through our body, voice, posture, movements and micro-expressions. We will understand what we transmit and how other people see us from head to foot. Since dealing, discovering, and working on our self-image is a first step to improving our capacity to impact, influence and persuade others.


After attending this training, the delegates will be able to:
  • Discover and analyse their leadership skills and know what they still need to work on
  • Grow in confidence, self-awareness, and authenticity
  • Understand, recognise, express, and deal with emotions
  • Display personal power and confidence in communication and dealing with others
  • Improve their essential competencies for real leadership
  • Become an active agent for culture transformation
  • Make beautiful, impactful, and successful presentations
  • Realise the importance of silence when speaking and listening when leading
  • And they will have incorporated a deep understanding of human behaviour and the different personality types

Training Methodology

  • Dynamic and Highly Interactive: the delegates will put theory into practice with examples of real situations, group dynamics and discussions, role-plays, self-assessments, and recordings of themselves.
  • Importance of Customised Feedback: each delegate will obtain personalised feedback and goals for further work.
  • Systemic Approach: we see organisational cultures and understand the systemic relationships between their members. Individuals and organisations affect individuals; Therefore, we need to study both and work in both.
  • The importance of Body Language and Visual Support: all communication skills and leadership competencies are seen in the body language will be demonstrated with videos and/or live recordings.

Target Audience

This training course is designated for managers, executives, or any other professionals interested in developing their skills in motivating and leading teams, improving their presentation abilities, achieving goals effectively and becoming active agents in organisational culture transformation. It is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:
  • Managing Directors
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Salespeople
  • Team Leaders
  • Psychologists
  • Lawyers
  • Communication Directors
  • Speaker and any Management Professionals making the transition to leadership

Daily Topics

  • Identity & Self Image
  • Neuroscience & Communications Skills
  • Neuroscience & Leadership Competencies
  • The Dynamic Chart: The method to improve your communication skills
  • The Art of Influencing
    • The Confident Approach: How to impact
    • The Personal Approach: How to influence
    • The Logical Approach: How to persuade
    • The Transformational Approach: How to elevate minds and expand hearts
  • Expressing emotions & definition. Practical approach
  • Measuring Emotions through Psychometrics: What is happening now?
  • Deep understanding of Basic Emotions
    • What are emotions
    • Functions
    • Pros & cons
    • How to deal with emotions
  • How to recognise micro-expressions, according to Paul Ekman?
  • Personality and Emotions: Customised feedback
  • Mapping the Hot Spots
  • Identifying the Leadership Culture Style
  • Becoming aware of the imperatives that operate invisibly in organizations
  • Becoming aware of real needs
  • Detection and transformation of habits and toxic relationship modes
  • Respectful & Effective Communication
  • How to activate the transformational process?
  • Understanding different personality types
    • Focus
    • Time management
    • Decision taking
    • At work, in the family, socially
    • Finance
  • Personality Profiling & Body Language Analysis
  • Highly Motivated Teams
  • How to resolve conflicts more effectively?
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations
  • The Speaker
  • The Message
  • Narrative Techniques and Resources
    • Techniques to impact and generate presence
    • Techniques to connect and keep the audience involved
    • Storytelling, Visual thinking, & the House of Messages
  • Media Training & Negotiation
    • Techniques to avoid difficult questions
    • Techniques to highlight your messages
  • Body Language & Public Speaking
    • The role of emotions when public speaking
    • Posture, Voice, and Movement
    • Synchronising Speech & Body
    • Confidence, Authenticity, & Credibility
  • On Stage: The Hour of Truth