• 5-Day Training Course

Advanced Emotional Intelligence

Understand and manage your emotions to achieve personal excellence

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10 Oct - 14 Oct 2022

Istanbul - Turkey


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07 Nov - 11 Nov 2022

Lisbon - Portugal


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07 Nov - 11 Nov 2022

Luanda - Angola


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26 Dec - 30 Dec 2022

Dubai - UAE


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Course Introduction

For several decades now, the research and practice of organizations has been highlighting the importance of Emotional Intelligence for the success of organizations. It is widely recognized, in the practice of Human Resources management, that aspects such as: initiative, empathy, the ability to work in a team, or flexibility are key elements in the Curriculum of any professional. Generically and consensually for several authors, Emotional Intelligence is defined as: “ability to recognize and regulate emotions, in oneself and in others”.   Managers and leaders with high levels of Emotional Intelligence communicate better, have more sensitivity and empathy, and therefore have superior performance evaluations as well as being recognized as effective by their employees. Teams with high emotional intelligence are more cohesive, achieve better performances quickly, are more satisfied with the quality of communication and receive more social support from their members. Throughout this Advanced Training we intend to contribute to developing your Emotional Intelligence skills.   Participants can expect at the end of the course:
  • To gain the skills of Self-awareness and self-control of emotions
  • Apply Social awareness oriented to the organizational context
  • Know the mechanisms inherent to the emotional management process
  • Know your own emotional style
  • Acquire tools for efficient and healthy emotional management


In this emotional intelligence course, you will learn the fundamental techniques and strategies that allow you to regulate and control your own emotions, with the aim of promoting personal growth, the possibility of strengthening and improving your affective relationships and adaptively responding to the various challenges of the daily life.   The participants will be able to:
  • Improve self-awareness of EI
  • Increase self resiliency through EI
  • Increase the ability to handle difficult situations
  • Unlock team productivity and creativity through EI
Make sound decisions despite uncertainty

Training Methodology

This training course will provide a valuable exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences. Immerse in experiential activities, collaborative group exercises, and face-to-face networking opportunities with your peers. There will be an alternation between theoretical expositions and practical exercises – individual and in groups, analysis of cases studies, directed debates with the group's active participation, and simulations of representative situations of the professional context.

Organisational Impact

The participants will:
  • Develop an understanding of EI theories, models and practices
  • Make the most of EI competencies in the workplace
  • Enhance personal competence and social competence
  • Develop empathy and positive inquiry
  • Build bonds and collaboration

Target Audience

This course contains the latest theories on Emotional Intelligence together with references and many practical exercises and tools to assist leaders to develop a value-added, service-oriented organization. The Advanced Training in Emotional Intelligence program is aimed at technicians and middle and senior management, from public or private companies, who are interested in this topic or are responsible for driving innovation within their organizations.
  • Board members
  • Senior leaders and executives
  • New leaders/managers
  • Collaborators
  • Team managers
  • HR professionals
  • All individuals that wish to develop the skill

Daily Topics

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