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Nicola Wise

Course Director, Trainer and Coach

Originally trained at Harrods in London Nicola became Training & Development Director of a large retail group responsible for over several thousand staff. She won an award as one of the top 12 in the organization for her achievements.

She set up her own company in the early 1990’s after requests for a more personal and long-term interaction with her clients. They loved her direct and sympathetic approach, how quickly she engaged with staff at all levels and her practical and enthusiastic implementation of training and engaging with the organization – building and maintaining long term relationships. 60% of the business is repeat or on recommendation.

She has designed and run Management and Leadership programs across 20 countries and trained, coached and developed delegates from over 50 countries. These include

The Middle East, South Africa, Mainland and Eastern Europe, North and South America as well as Scandinavia and Australasia.

She has vast experience in the development and implementation of competency frameworks and works with a variety of Corporate, private sector, Colleges, Universities, and NFP/Charitable organizations, by helping them understand how a simple but solid framework can develop people and increase productivity.

She is a qualified NLP practitioner and incorporates her skills into all aspects of her work and her passion and focus is always on helping people get the best from themselves and others. She truly believes that showing people how to find and use the resources they already possess can transform their lives – both in and out of the work environment.

Quotes from past clients

“This was an extremely helpful course, I would recommend it to all staff” Andy Clayton, Lucent Technologies Director

“The trainer was well prepared, giving a lot of information and adapted well to group's input” Steve Georgiou, HR Director, Gearbulk Shipping

“The trainer was well prepared, giving a lot of information and adapted well to group's input.” Jari Ulicna, HR Co-ordinator, University of Surrey

“Everyone here greatly appreciates the effort you have clearly made getting to know and understand us as individuals while at the same time making us see ourselves as part of a team. It has been great to see everyone respond so positively to you.” Dave Evitts, Learning & Development Manager, AT&T Academy

“You seem to have unleashed a previously suppressed wave of creativity!” Ian Rule, Financial Director, Mid Kent College

“On a personal note, I have learned more about the managerial role in the past few weeks than in my previous 20 months here - all due to you! At last I’m doing what a Manager should do and letting my staff express their talents with my support.” Information Services Manager, Wellcome Trust

“It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, and your training was outstanding. I have learnt a lot from you.” Joe Reed, Service Centre Supervisor, EBSCO

“Your understanding and continued support have been a vital factor in the unquestionable success of this venture and indeed the prevalence of positive thinking is surely testament to the effectiveness of your training techniques. Thank you.”

Simon Westerman, Hospitality Director, Imperial College London

“I learnt a lot from the course. The trainer was excellent - helpful, clear and very nice. Thank you”

“Very informative and useful course, I am looking forward to conducting interviews”

“Excellent, most informative course I've been on. Highly recommend this”

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