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Maheen Qureshi

Maheen is a certified trainer and possess a Master in Business Administration & Master’s degree. She has 20 years professional exposure with customer focused multinational organizations specifically, developing strategies for Brand Image, hospitality, education, training & development.

Maheen has vast versatile multi-dimensional exposure encompasses to major areas of Human Resource Management, Administration and HR Training & Development with multinational Costumer focused Commercial Organizations Being an outgoing, dynamic HR, OD/Training & QA focused professional who has a relentless drive to deliver more than just results. She has a track record of effectively leading and managing all aspects of a hotel, and of making guests feels cared for, valued, and respected.

As a true hands on leader, is not afraid to jump in and assist wherever needed, and will do everything she can to deliver results that will contribute to the overall mission and success of a business.

Maheen possess an analytical and expedient approach to problem solving which always results in a win/win resolution for all concerned. She has self-assurance that enables goals to be achieved.

Maheen is an avid follower of the latest trends in the field of Education, Training and Brand Quality Assurance focused by HR Development and that passion has made her to make the difference in this field.

Her core competencies delivered in form of training sessions are focused on ;

  • Team Work
  • Flexible Deployment
  • Multicraft Proficiency At All Levels.
  • Receptivity To Ideas, Information And Knowledge.
  • Open Communication
  • Proactive Orientation
  • Minimum Response Time To All People Situations.
  • Efficiency In Acknowledging Achievements.
  • Objectivity In Decision-Making
  • Conflict Resolution On Priority Close To Point Of Occurrence
  • Opportunities To Achieve Are Always Available

The participants would be able to develop;

  • Innovation.
  • Improvisation.
  • Lateral Thinking.
  • Experimentation For Improvement.

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