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Peter Hofmann

Executive Director of MFX Options and Solutions (Pty) Ltd, based in South Africa

Peter Hofmann is an Executive Director of MFX Options and Solutions (Pty) Ltd, based in South Africa. The company specialises in providing its international client-base with value-adding business management and corporate strategic and operational management consulting services.

The platform for Peter’s current business focus was established through his exposure to the holistic corporate business environment where he built a successful career over two decades, having established and built up successful departments focused on operational and executive management and board liaison.

He is integrally involved in all client projects undertaken by MFX for its range of international clients. Projects have included:

  • Strategic business plans, functional plans and processes, supply chain management, strategic planning and process analysis for implementation of ERP systems
  • The assessment of economic, social and environmental impacts and development of systems and processes to drive performance management and, reporting and compliance within an organisational context
  • The assessment of risk management and compliance frameworks to support the development of integrated GRC structures within business entities
  • The analysis of key ESG issues to develop reporting objectives, frameworks and communication channels
  • The development and implementation of performance strategies for business units
  • Development of five-year strategies on an annual basis, customer surveys and measurement, business unit strategies and electronic customer focused marketing campaigns
  • The development of performance-related communication strategies and strategy implementations

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