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Lois Wagner

Lois Wagner, qualified in Marketing, Occupation-Directed Education, Training and Development Practice, and Executive Coaching, is a South African Business woman with extensive human resource, training, business, management, project management, marketing, sales, retailing, consulting and corporate and leadership coaching experience.

Her outcomes based education qualification includes subjects such as:

  • Corporate and Executive Coaching
  • Facilitate Learning
  • Guide and Support Learners
  • Coaching
  • Counseling
  • Develop Training Materials and Designing Assessment Instruments
  • Develop Curricula and Manage Learning Programmes
  • Develop Organizational Training and Development Plans

Programmes she has developed, delivered and facilitated range from: leadership and management development; strategic management; change management; project management; supervision; sales and marketing; retailing; employability; employee engagement; performance and talent management; training needs analysis and other HR functions; to soft skills including communication; emotional intelligence; conflict management; team building; customer care; creative and critical thinking; and problem solving

She is a qualified Assessor and Moderator.

Lois has worked as a:

  • Marketing manager / director
  • Management consultant / change consultant / executive coach
  • Organizational development and HR consultant
  • Training facilitator / lecturer / manager
  • Project manager
  • Retail manager / retail development manager
  • Customer service manager

Industries where she has operated vary from fast moving consumer goods, fast food restaurants, printing, retailing and hospitals, to heavy engineering and mining. She was director of her own training company where she:

Assisted large organizations and small enterprises to identify training needs and to develop training plans designed and developed outcomes based training material for a wide range of disciplines, skills and subjects managed client training programmes conducted workshops on numerous topics from strategy development and leadership to sales and marketing and customer service facilitated, assessed and moderated learning in the workplace coached managers lectured to university and college students assessed and moderated learners and training programmes and institutions.

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