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Christopher Edwin Whittle

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Administration
  • Higher Diploma in Education
  • Master’s Degree in Political Science
  • Master’s Degree in Business Leadership

Christopher is one of our most requested Facilitator especially in GCC and Africa Region for the past three years. He has been actively facilitated courses in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Seychelles, South Africa, Maldives to name but a few. Internationally renowned strategic business risk management expert. He was an experienced managing director having managed a diverse group of companies and has experience in a number of fields covering public sector services, office automation, banking, finance and . He is an accomplished and highly experienced ‘strategy developer’, with a proven track record of assisting organizations, managers, teams and individuals to attain business goals. With excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, he offers exciting, powerful and effective learning events to inspire people’s choices to bring about change. He is a transformer of individuals, teams and companies. Armed with his diverse academic and industry business knowledge to cultivate entertaining, engaging, practical and powerful workshops/seminars which are both pragmatic and current. With unique mind-bending strategies, he coaches you to influence, inspire and move those you come in contact with, into decisions and commitments. All organizations need to change with the times, the consultant will help you implement change, and how to make it palatable and be embraced by all staff.

Incomplete sample list of Companies the facilitator conducted training for : Middle East & GCC

  • A.Al Shuwayer & Sons, Saudi Arabia
  • Isam Khairy Kabbani Group, Saudi Arabia
  • A.K Almuhaidib & Sons Group, Saudi Arabia
  • Al Fouzan Trading & Contracting, Saudi Arabia
  • Advanced Electronic Company, Saudi Arabia
  • Al Jomaih Bottling Plant, Saudi Arabia
  • iddle East Paper Company, Saudi Arabia
  • Middle East Battery Company, Saudi Arabia
  • Roots Group Arabia, Saudi Arabia
  • Rawabi Holding Company, Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Paper Manufacturing, Saudi Arabia
  • Petro Steel, Saudi Arabia
  • afid Group, Saudi Arabia
  • Hadi Hammam Establishment, Saudi Arabia
  • Haif Company, Saudi Arabia
  • United Electronic Company, Saudi Arabia
  • Al Othman Holding Co, Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Solidarity Takaful, Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Arabian Mining Company, Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Chemical Company, Saudi Arabia
  • Tabuk Cement, Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Investment Bank, Saudi Arabia
  • Almana & Partners, Qatar
  • Qatar Petroleum, Qatar
  • Qatar Chemical Company, Qatar
  • Qatar Engineering & Construction, Qatar
  • Abu Khader Group, Jordan
  • Bank Audi, Lebanon
  • Wadi Group, Egypt
  • Gulf Precast Concrete Company, UAE
  • Bukhatir Group, UAE
  • Central Electricity Generating Co, Jordan
  • Majan Electricity Company, Oman
  • Khimji Training Institute, Oman

Africa, Asia & Asia Pacific

  • Old Mutual Group, CABS, Zimbabwe
  • ZB Financial Holdings, Zimbabwe
  • Dairibord, Zimbabwe
  • Investrust Bank PLC, Zambia
  • Konkola Copper Mine, Zambia
  • Ndola Lime, Zambia
  • Chase Petroleum, Ghana
  • NMB Bank, Tanzania
  • Aveng Group, South Africa
  • GWK, South Africa
  • Botswana Housing Co, Botswana
  • Botswana Savings Bank, Botswana
  • Mogas Oil Group, Uganda
  • Male Water, Maldives
  • State Trade Organization, Maldives
  • Central Bank of Seychelles, Seychelles
  • Central Bank of Solomon Islands
  • Reserve Bank of Vanuatu
  • CDH Financial Holdings, Malawi
  • Nokia, India
  • Pakistan Petroleum, Pakistan

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