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Nicola Wise

Originally trained at Harrods in London Nicola became Training & Development Director of a large retail group responsible for over several thousand staff.

She won an award as one of the top 12 in the organization for her achievements.

She has designed and run Management and Leadership programs across 20 countries and trained, coached and developed delegates from over 50 countries. These include The Middle East, South Africa, Mainland and Eastern Europe, North and South America as well as Scandinavia and Australasia.

She has vast experience in the development and implementation of competency frameworks and works with a variety of Corporate, private sector, Colleges, Universities, and NFP/Charitable organizations, by helping them understand how a simple but solid framework can develop people and increase productivity.

She is a qualified NLP practitioner and incorporates her skills into all aspects of her work and her passion and focus is always on helping people get the best from themselves and others. She truly believes that showing people how to find and use the resources they already possess can transform their lives – both in and out of the work environment.

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