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As an established expert in the fields of leadership, human performance and communication, Andrew can customize a speech or facilitate a learning session that will get you and your people thinking in new ways, embracing change, and taking intentional actions.

Andrew has worked with audiences as large as 12,000, facilitated team alignment with small and mid-sized groups, and worked 1-to-1 with ‘C-level’ executives to become better leaders. Results from working with Andrew have included; positive changes in organization culture and people’s mindsets, increased sales, productivity and teamwork with reduced negative conflict

With Dr. Ana Kazan Ph.D he wrote the book ‘Self-Leadership: How to Become a More Successful, Efficient and Effective Leader from the Inside Out’ (McGraw-Hill 2012). This book is a personal development guide as well as being used on MBA programs to teach how to influence employees to take ownership and be accountable for results.

Andrew is famous for his ability to inspire people, to make changes, question conventional mindsets and embrace change resulting in positive outcomes. His unique presentation style blends constructive realism with humor to entertain and engage his audiences

"Having worked in the conferencing and events industry for quite some time, claims of ‘engaging’ and ‘cutting edge content’ from professional speakers can end up to be nothing more than rhetoric. Not so with Andrew! Commanding the stage for start to finish, filling the room with energy, all whilst imparting practical strategies and tools for our senior business audience, Andrew really set the tone for our 3 day show and made a big impact on our audience." — Natalie Williams, SSON Conference Organizer

Living in Asia for the last 12-years and working globally, Andrew has insights and perspective on what it takes to be an effective entrepreneur and leader of people in a multi-cultural world.

Whether speaking, facilitating or coaching, Andrew uses his own, researched self-leadership approach and methodology.

Self-leadership is a mindset and a set of behavioral strategies that enable a person to lead themselves in such a way that others willingly follow. Self-leadership clarifies what we are responsible for and what we are accountable to. The results of self-leadership are greater influence and impact.

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